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Touch your customers. Know them. Beyond data you'll find the key to stay out in front.


In a rapidly changing world, your industry won't be the same next year. Your customers can tell you where it's going, if you listen.

If you listen, you must be prepared to let them lead you. To embrace change.

Otherwise you stand still. If you stand still, you'll be left behind.

I give companies who listen the edge they need to stay ahead, thanks to experience in a range of verticals worldwide, across divisions, by building operations, marketing and sales processes.

I'm obsessive, whether it be working on your business; outperforming the indices; skiing; driving and riding things with wheels; collecting languages; freediving; walking a slackline and getting along in a happy life. The last one is harder than the rest.



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From 2006-2015 I created, built and managed 'enlight photo', a global consumer durables and app company with annual sales of more than $1m. Product inception, development, manufacture, omnichannel sales, global logistics, software and hardware projects and the hiring and management of a multi disciplinary team.

Everything I learnt the hard way to help you grow.


I bring my expertise in marketing, sales and operations earned the hard way in industries around the world, including consumer durables, B2C insurance, chatbot AI, SaaS and IP sales.

Frontline omnichannel experience of rapid expansion, change and success.

Ready to grow?



I've spent years finding, interviewing, hiring, managing, motivating and reviewing salaried employees, partners and contractors. People are your company's greatest asset; the correlation between revenues and team engagement proves it.

I'll help you get it right.


Consumer durables, apps, appcessories, B2B consumer warranties, SaaS software and more: I've sold it all. My key skill is in spotting gaps in your sales operations, creating and introducing processes to break the status quo and lift your sales to a new level.

Sell more, leap ahead, stay in the lead.


Adding to these highlights, my expertise also includes investment finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, logistics, manufacturing, DFM and branding.

My network extends across VC, SME M&A, manufacturing, CTOs, accelerators, cryptocurrency & blockchain experts, post-exit entrepreneurs, fund managers and more in Europe, AU/NZ, China, Silicon Valley, NYC and beyond.

About Me


Investment banking provided the foundation for my career portfolio, working in fixed income P&L, risk management, trading and sales.

Next I built an antifragile, successful business supplying newspapers,  magazines and brands with photography and videography.

But I wanted more. 

So I took a garage invention to the world and built a company from scratch that turned over more than a $1million a year. Products I'd invented, developed and marketed from New Zealand and Europe on sale in some of the US's top retailers and Apple stores across the USA and Europe.

I now bring the skills I've learned along the way into focus on your operations; making your company -its marketing, sales and management- fit for rapid growth and success.

Tech I use:

MS Office, G Suite, Skype, Citrix, Adobe Creative Suite, Hootsuite, Github, CSS, Highrise, Evernote, Dropbox, IFTTT, Slack, VPNs, Xero, Optimizely, CrazyEgg, Mailchimp and more. 

Things said about me

"James built a highly productive small team that delivered complex hardware and software projects, launching them on the global stage." Ken Erskine, 88Kiwis ex Microsoft

"James' confident informal style breaks down mysteries." Becky Nunes, Whitecliffe

"James devised the most effective consumer event I’ve ever seen, anywhere." Ken Newell, Nikon

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